Build a caboose-O scale MILW Thrall Caboose


Build your own Milwaukee Road Thrall caboose to match a specific prototype by selecting from the options below. As there were many variations of these cars due to modifications throughout their lifetimes, it is impossible to make a stand alone model for each. With our “Build Your Own” option modeling a specific car is much easier.

Note-If ordering more than one Build Your Own caboose and they have different options simply build one, add it to your cart, then select the options for your second model and then add it to your cart. Double check your order at checkout for accuracy.


Additional information

Weight 16 oz

With Louvers, Plated Louvers, Smooth Access Panels, Plated Toilet Window, All Windows Plated


Open Grid, Steel Plate

3M Thermal Generator Equipped

Yes, No


As built with "The Milwaukee Road" spelled out, Later Style with heralds


Standard Drop Center, Reinforced "tubular" trucks, Axle Generator on one truck