Milwaukee Road SD10 #555 conversion kit-HO scale LWP-555


Designed to simplify modeling the Milwaukee Road’s SD10 #555 locomotive with it’s unique nose and cab, the parts in this kit replace the stock cab and nose on the Walthers P2K SD7/9 with new parts that replicate the design of the prototype locomotives. These are single piece components that snap in place of the original parts.

Included in the kit;

  • Cab with correct number boards and angled cab roof with unique angle
  • Nose
  • Horst air intake
  • Air tanks with piping
  • New, improved exhaust stacks
  • Headlight
  • Acetate for glazing
  • Etched side windows
  • Light pipes for headlights
  • Decals for Milwaukee Road with SD10 placards. This decal set has the best rendition of number fonts available and has the number boards preformated for each SD10. Not cutting and splicing necessary.

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